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Industrial Revolution Curriculum Unit

Grade 4

6/8 Weeks

Unit Structure

The unit has been designed for a fourth grade class and is meant to be taught over a six to eight week time frame.

There are five learning experiences followed by a performance task. Each learning experience will be best shared with students over two to three days in a week. 

Unit Structure

The components of this unit are accessible in the menu above.

They include

This Home Page

A Conceptual Framework tab

A UBD Goals and Understandings tab

A Learning Experiences tab

Drop down with 5 sub tabs

A Performance Task tab

The culminating product for the unit

Bibliography/ References 

These are provided both by Learning Experience as well as by format.

Navigating The Unit



Navigating Each Learning Experience

Each Learning Experience has been divided into three sections. 

Summary: The overall instructional and learning objective of the lesson

Learning Outcomes: The Standards, UBD Goals, Practice Focus, Learning Goals and Instructional Tools



Each resource is provided with the requisite links and a visual. In order to see full size visuals, please click on the image. A pop up window will open.

The rationale for the resource and the final learning goals to be achieved. 


The unit has been designed to be taught on an online platform and presumes online methods of instruction, learning, collaboration and assessment are used. 

All required materials for the unit are available in a digital format.

However, the unit can easily be adapted to be an in person classroom experience.

Medium Of Instruction

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